A Program for Every Rider.

Here at HHEF we know that you don’t have all the time in the world to waste at the gym trying to figure out what to do and why bother.

With our programs you get to focus on what matters most! Improving your ride…for both you and the horse. 

No matter your fitness level or riding level, HH Equestrian Fitness has a program for you.

At Home

Workouts to do at home to help you feel more confident and comfortable when you get in the  saddle

Warm up

Warm-up routines to do before you ride to help your body stay in correct alignment and feel better



Exercises to do on horseback to help train your body and be able to feel and correct muscles and movements you need to engage


Let's Train for our Ride!

Hi, I'm Hannah, and I'm an Exercise Specialist for Equestrians here to help you learn your body so that you're more comfortable and confident in the saddle. Join me and let me help you Train Like an Equestrian and start riding with confidence.

Don't know where to start?

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Mobility is increasing the range of motion in your joints so you can get into correct riding position and have the ability to absorb the shock of the motion of the horse.


Core stability helps keep your upper body still while your lower body is continuously moving with the horse. 

Mind Body

The most important part is being able to tell where your body is and what every little muscle is doing all while keeping the correct joints loose to absorb the shock of any bouncing.


What can you expect from an HH Equestrian Fitness Program?

HH Equestrian Fitness is all about getting your body in correct alignment off the horse so when you get in the saddle you sit more naturally correct.  The more you learn your body, the easier it is to enjoy your ride. And the better YOU feel in the saddle, the better your HORSE will feel.

Form & Technique

You’ll be able to follow every workout on a video. So there’s no guess work about what you should be doing. 


We’ll mix it up: different tools, different moves, and different areas of focus for each workout.


Every workout can be personalized to fit your fitness/riding needs and restrictions. Plus Hannah is available to contact if you need any help.

Get your Membership

We offer two monthly memberships options: Basic that has a good taste of everything to get you started and Premium that has everything HHEF has to offer including full programs to help you stay on track.

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