My name is Hannah Howe. I am an ACE and NASM certified personal trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist for Equestrians, as well as a riding instructor and I also have a BA in Equine Management from Midway University located in Midway, Kentucky. Currently I manage Roaring Springs Farm, our family farm, located in Midway, Kentucky, where I live with my husband Tyler, and our 2 children.

I have ridden horses my entire life, but after having each of my children I noticed a huge decrease in my core control, causing me to have issues with my balance which led to problems holding my seat at the trot and the canter or being able to hold my positions during transitions. Once I started working out again for overall fitness and adding in specific exercises to target my specific needs as an equestrian I noticed a drastic improvement in not only, how I felt on a horse again, but in my horses ability to move since he wasn’t having to compensate for my lack of balance. After this we started making leaps and bounds in our training sessions.

This is what inspired me to create HH Equestrian Fitness. In just 30 days you’ll find yourself noticing that you’re not bouncing around the saddle as much and you’re able to hold your seat balanced in the saddle.