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Stop Wasting Time on Bad Rides!

We focus on you as whole, not just the problem at hand. So get rid of the bouncing and discomfort for both you and your horse and Join Us!

Our Video Categories


Ride Better By Spring

Improve your seat, balance, and body control all during bad weather so you and your horse have better rides when it's nice outside.


Horse Training

Get some training ideas so you're never bored with your horse. Premium Membership only


Bonus Videos

short videos when you're in a rush and just want a few exercises to focus on to help you on your next ride


“Align Your Ride”

Discover why you may be so uncomfortable in the saddle or you/horse is developing issues. Premium Membership or Solo buy only


“Align Your Ride” Sample

Sample the program before you decide to upgrade or buy.



Get a mix of full intense workouts, along with some yoga on horseback, and a variety of full workouts using various equipment to help you be a better rider. Premium Membership only


12 Days of Fitness and Horses

12 short videos with just a couple exercises in each focusing on upper body, lower body, core, or horseback in each video and tailoring each to stability, mobility, or strength.


Squats to Trots

mini 5 day programs to do at home each focusing on a different challenge for under saddle.

Need more?

Video Analysis

Want to make sure you’re not wasting your time doing the exercises wrong? Or want to see where you need the most help? Send Hannah a set of videos both on and off the horse and she’ll help you more one-on-one.


Ready to get Hannah in person? Schedule a clinic or Private Lesson with her now.